Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Luck Quotes For Board Exam

The Tears of happiness

the dust filter in air conditioning of a police station the day after a big haul
12 petals of the rose which has seduced a courted
Put a grain of salt one of your tears evaporated
The concert ticket where you understand that life is beautiful
foam beer
olive oil
a picture of an astronomical star
Fresh blood from a wound
liver oil caiman
What remains after a struggle under the nails of your hand
powder computer

three-legged spider € fishes in the casino
Rubber wheel spread on the ground in the second half after a stop
shit wolf a plateau
white pedestrian crossing
The pollen of a flower taken to your grandmother in the hospital

This is just part of the recipe for a antidolorificomagnifico sung by Lorenzo on his last album, Mud . Antidolorificomagnifico , song from the constant rate, simple, engaging, and an incredible text ...

I have highlighted a particular "ingredient". I remembered how very few shows have aroused such strong emotions in me to think just how beautiful life is. I will always remember when, on November 4 last year, I went to La Fenice Theatre in Venice to listen to the ninth Beethoven. It was the first time I entered a theater so important, was the first time I heard a concert of classical music. As the violins started playing I was already ecstatic, you also trust that when he left the choir of the last movement, the 'Ode To Jo y, I ran even a few tears.

Strong emotions I have also given concerts by Frank Sinatra, Vinicio Capossela, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Joe Zawinul, Modena City Ramblers, and many others ....

But the thing that makes you realize how good life is not so much the quality of the artist, but the atmosphere that exists around it: the climate of peace, love and freedom, the brotherhood that comes with the other spectators, the joy of sharing that moment with who's more expensive ...


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